With the 2019 Foil range arriving imminently, we at Ride Engine UK thought it would be fair to let you in on what you should be expecting from the Ride Engine Foil, Surf and SUP line up for 2019.

Foil Packages

  • The Connectivity throughout the Futura Foil packages are still completely interchangeable and modular, making the cross over into other disciplines quick and easy.
  • There is a slight change with the Futura Surf Foil package this year as the all new Manta 76cm wing will come with a 24" mast to get you on the water and riding swell with the greatest of ease.
  • Also new to Ride Engine is the Futura SUP Foil package which comes equipped with the Manta 84cm, the76's bigger brother. This is a unique big wing designed for maximum lift and stability.


The line up for the wings has grown from the three wings last year. For 2019 we have 6 wings which are designed to keep wave hunters eager and ready for most swell conditions. Each of the wings will come with a profile detailing the Surface Area, Aspect Ratio, Span and Chord.