Futura Mast (Variable Sizes)

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28" (71cm) Mast

71 cm (28 in.) aluminum replacement mast for all Ride Engine Futura foils. 

24" (61cm) Mast

The 24" mast is just the right length for surfing. It has plenty of vertical to tap into the energy of a wave, making it optimal for carving, but it's short enough to reduce the severity of crashes and prevent you from running aground. Super durable aluminum construction.

18" (46cm) mast

46 cm (18 in.) Aluminum replacement mast for all Ride Engine Futura Foils.

15" (38cm) Mast

15" mast for Ride Engine's Futura Foil. This mast is an invaluable learning tool to help you get the feel for foiling before transitioning to the longer 24" mast.  Starting with a shorter, more manageable mast will increase your success rate and decrease the severity of crashes. If you aren't already a proficient foiler, starting with a shorter mast- even if it's just for a couple sessions- is definitely the way to a faster and more fun learning curve.