The Nug Link Combo Pack
The Nug Link Combo Pack
The Nug Link Combo Pack
The Nug Link Combo Pack

The Nug Link Combo Pack

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The Ride Engine Nug Link Combo Pack has been designed to take the load off your arms when winging, giving you a seamless connection from your wing, to you, to your board - The ultimate drag free, hands free approach.

The Nug: 

Simple, easy to use wingsurf harness line hook that is adaptable to any webbing waist leash or webbing slider harness.

  • Opening design that fits padded and non-padded webbing leashes.
  • Easy in, easy out hook geometry that freely slides on the harness line.
  • Fits up to 2” webbing.

8' Recoil Waist Leash:

Ideal for when the least amount of drag or obstruction is needed, the RE-Recoil Waist Leash stays out of the way and drag-free for SUP downwind runs or distance paddling. The combination of position on the body and coiled construction is the go-to leash set-up for wing surfing, allowing the hands to be free to focus on grip rather than moving the leash away.

  • 7mm polyurethane cord
  • Coiled cord construction
  • Rotating connection to waist belt and rail saver
  • Stainless steel swivels
  • Easy-adjust waist belt with quick clip
  • Suggested use: downwind and hydrofoil SUP, small-wave surfing, wing surfing.

Wing Surf Harness Line:

The wind is up and the wing is ready. Are you? Using a harness while wing surfing is a sure-fire way to stay out longer. Our Wing Surf Harness Line makes for quick and easy hooking and unhooking. Fully adaptable to attached to boom wings, handles and pigtail connections.

  • TPU Line Cover
  • Adjustable length internal rope
  • Compatible with direct handle connection or pigtail connection