DIY Custom Harness Graphic


There are molds of bodies and molds of minds.

Similarly, no two bodies are the same, nor two minds. We are excited to launch our custom wrap program. Getting back to our roots and offering one of the most demanded and requested features on a Ride Engine harness. Now you have the ability to make your harness look the exact way you want. 


Custom is at the root of Ride Engine. It's innately us. This brand was founded on custom fit and custom finish. If you look deep into our archives, Ride Engine isn't just better fit and performance, its a think tank and an art studio in itself. There is an outpouring of character, personality, and individual expression. 




Express yourself, represent your business or sponsor, rock your favorite artist or photographer. Turn your harness into a one-of-a-kind piece of art with the new Art of Action Graphic Creator. #rideenginecustom

If you aren't the artist type, we have various graphic offerings from our Team, friends, and ambassadors in our Artist Studio.



• Quick and easy do-it-yourself  
• Use your own images or choose from our exclusive studio
• Made from the same rugged fade/water proof vinyl used for vehicle wraps 
• Applies seamlessly- no bubbling. Removes easily- no sticky residue


Ride Engine UK  has partnered with Ride Engine and Art of Action. You can customise your Ride Engine harness with your own art. Click over to Art of Action to play with the online design software.  You can save 10% by using the coupon code theriders at checkout..

-Made from premium automotive grade 3M cast vinyl. This is the top of the line wrap material you see on cars, boats, and buses.

-Top coated with the same durable 10mil layer used to protect motocross bikes from water, dirt, mud and sun.

-This stuff is time tested and tough.

-Easy to install. Special air release channels in our vinyl means no air bubbles.

-Comes with a link to our simple kook proof installation video.

-Easy to take off. No sticky residue or mess. Peel it off and your harness is back to its original condition and Ride Engine branding.

*Fits all XXL  2017, Hex Core, Elite Series Harnesses.

Save 10% at checkout when you use coupon  theriders