Futura Surf 84cm Foil Package
Futura Surf 84cm Foil Package
Futura Surf 84cm Foil Package
Futura Surf 84cm Foil Package

Futura Surf 84cm Foil Package


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The Futura Surf/SUP Foil package is designed to make hydrofoil surfing and SUP surf foiling user-friendly, approachable and fun in a wide range of wave conditions.

The package delivers the best of both worlds with plenty of lift and early takeoff for catching even the smallest rolling waves yet holds ample speed and glide to stay connected to the wave energy.

The magic is in the Futura’s Manta wing, which has a large, low-aspect shape incorporating an Inverted Gull Wing outline that gives it much better top-end speed and easy to engage pumping performance than many foils of similar size and surface area.

Ideal for both surfing and SUP surfing the Futura Surf Foil package is available in 2 complete set ups that offer full adaptation for your weight, wave choice and style.


  • Aluminium alloy mast with an optimised cord length for stable tracking
  • Track pedestal mount at 90mm track with standard
  • Aluminium alloy fuselage with 2 front wing position options
  • Carbon laminated front and rear wings
  • Titanium hardware for reducing corrosion
  • Fully modular system that is compatible with all Ride Engine wings and masts

Package Includes:  Alloy mast: 71cm (28”), Alloy pedestal mount, Alloy fuselage 61cm (24”), Manta carbon 84 front wing (84cm span), Futura carbon large rear wing (48cm span), Rear wing mounting shim, Titanium hardware kit, Neoprene Covers- THIS PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COMPONENT TRAVEL CASE