RE Quick Release Recoil Wrist Leash

RE Quick Release Recoil Wrist Leash


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The Quick Release Recoil Wrist leash is for riders that want to keep everything up high. The one-handed, comfortable, durable wrist closure is also equipped with a quick release for emergency situations.

Staying connected to your wing is important—no one is going to argue that! But how and where you connect your wing leash to your body is always a debate. The coiled urethane cord keeps everything tidy and high when riding, as well as more manageable when getting on the board. In addition, if you use a harness while winging, the on-wrist connection will limit accidental hooking in of your leash.



  • 7mm polyurethane cord
  • Coiled quick-release cord construction
  • Easy one-handed wrist cuff operation
  • Neoprene-covered stainless-steel swivels
  • Suggested use: Winging wing leash